Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Last-Year Buys: Orla Kiely and Vanessa Bruno

One of the things I've discovered since buying my flat is that once you've spent such ridiculous sums of money and amassed such debt, everything else seems like a bit of a bargain. So, even though my head is full of wallpaper and paint samples, somehow I've managed to pick up quite a few clothes over the last month two.

The picture at the top of the post is a detail of the pretty embroidery on this Vanessa Bruno Athe shirt, currently on sale at ASOS. It's nice for feeling cool on muggy days, plus I'm powerless to resist a good rose motif.

Despite my rant against Peter Pan collars, I found myself buying this one from Vera Moda when I was in Copenhagen. You can't tell when it's on the hanger, but the collar sits quite low, making it look more early-twentieth century than the 60s cliche. That's how I've justified it to myself anyway.

Continuing another theme of mine which is how to wear stripes without buying any more stripes, I got myself this ric-rac inspired T-shirt from the Orla Kiely sale. I should also write a note about why my clothes look so hideously creased: I haven't got a wardrobe yet, so all my clothes are in my chest of drawers or bags still or hanging off spare picture hooks where I have them. That Orla Kiely top takes me onto the big purchase...

Like most women in their early 30s, I've got lots of weddings to go to this year. The wedding of one of my best friends happens to fall the same weekend as I was meant to go to The National ATP. I got my ticket refunded, I spent it on this Orla Kiely garden party dress. You can't tell from the picture but the pattern is lots of little people. It's really rather beautiful. The first wearing is meant to be a wedding in August but it may well get an outing for my birthday first.

Looking at these pictures, it simply reinforces the nagging that I should stop buying clothes and just get myself a wardrobe...


  1. I loooove your taste, frances! Obviously rushed to check out the Orla Kiely dress (I have weddings too) and is only left in an 8 - is it wonderful on? So, so pretty and not at all twee (my wedding guest dress fear)

  2. Aw, thanks so much. It is very nice on indeed. It's longer than it looks (well on me, and I'm quite short) so doesn't feel so little girlish. But the white bit at the top stops it looking so prudish. I love it lots. I can see it getting trotted out in many years to come. The Orla Kiely sale stuff was extra pretty this year - I had a tough time choosing.

  3. Oh dear, it's been an expensive week, I'm drooling over your dress/the O.K. sale... and I've just found out they deliver to Australia...
    Damn you and your amazing taste Frankie!
    PS - glad to hear the dress looks fantastic :D

  4. Thanks my lovely. O.K. is a very pretty world to visit once in a while. I always find myself spending hours on the Karen Walker one, shaking my fist at the shipping fees x


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