Sunday, 1 July 2012

Last-Weeks Girl

Hello, hello ... I'm over here now.

Yes, the great move finally happened. After months of waiting, I'm now installed in my own place in Crystal Palace, south east London. Though I was without the internet for longer than I wanted, life is pretty good. I'm getting mega fit from all of Crystal Palace's hills and I'm enjoying the fun of getting to decorate somewhere exactly how I want it (though that's pretty terrifying too and I actually dreamt about wallpaper last night!). The flat was well worth the wait and is large and full of light and I'm hoping it will become a good place for writing and sewing and generally calming the hell down a bit.

Here's a couple of random shots from the flat, though I've spent the afternoon taking down the previous owner's picture hooks and being overly proud of my skills with a tube of polyfilla, so it already doesn't look like this. The plan is to paint next week and then do some partial wallpapering and then ... well, I'm not quite sure.

I've got new house brain so I'm struggling to remember what else I've done over the last month. I went to Copenhagen, which was super cool and I want to tell you more about, I finished my sewing course and completed an alright-ish top, I went to a Richard Hawley gig and Secret Cinema. Oh, and Ikea and B&Q. Normal service will resume shortly.


  1. Welcome to the neighbourhood! I'm in SE22 so connecting by the amazing 63 bus route. Hope you are settling in well and how exciting to have your own pad! Come round for tea soon with Vicki! Lara x

  2. I had no idea you were so close! We must arrange tea sometime avec Vicki. I am already over-excited about delicious cake opportunities.

  3. YESS... I am super close. Hurrah! Will get on it with the elusive Miss Mason.


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