Sunday, 15 July 2012

Last-Week Girl: 15 July 2012

Another wet and not-so-wild week has passed. It's been a pleasantly low key week before the summer rounds of weddings and birthdays begin in earnest.

The majority of last weekend was spent painting my living room. I am stupidly impressed with the results, though I do still wince when I notice how the new paint clashes with the old on the walls we left as they're still to be papered. I need to get over this.

I watched two charming tales of youth: Moonrise Kingdom - which made me want to wear pastel dresses with peter pan collars and carry a portable record player - even more than I usually do, and Hugo - where I had the added fun of spotting scenes they'd filmed at the museum (it's slightly disturbing to see fire engulfing a staircase you see every day).

Last night I met up with my sister and partner after they'd been to watch the athletics. Into the pub came a triumphant Goldie Sayers, who they had just watched smash the British javelin record. Here's me and my sis trying not to look too embarrassed with her after finally being brave enough to ask for a photo. The atmosphere in the pub was wonderfully celebratory and it made even grumpy me vaguely excited about a certain upcoming event. Not pictured but also in the pub was Daniel Kitson. That's as close to a celebrity packed evening as you can find in SE19. 

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