Saturday, 26 May 2012

Last-Week Girl: 26 May 2012

Last week was all about catching up with people, and a lot of eating. I could list everything I ate but I think it might be quite disgusting. It was also the week that I finally exchanged on my flat (and not before time, all my summer clothes are in storage and I'm sweltering in this beautiful weather)! I'm moving the weekend straight after the Jubilee weekend so I should be packing and planning. Instead I'm dreamily flicking through past issues of Living Etc and desperately pinning away. After months of living in limbo land, it's really great to feel that I'll be settled, and also to allow myself to indulge in a spot of fantasy decoration.

Last night I headed out to the So If You're Lonely club night at the Buffalo Bar, all kinds of mid-00s indie. It made me strangely sad and utterly jubilant all at the same time. Here's some glittery fantasticness from the Long Blondes. I've a hunch that Kate Jackson didn't eat as much as me last week.

I'm off to Copenhagen next weekend and then, yes, moving so not likely to visit this land for a little bit. Have fun people, go out and enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Oh I haven't been to So If You're Lonely, sounds like just my sort of night!

    So If You're Lonely

    1. It was really really fun - I wish they would run it regularly (but then perhaps it wouldn't be as enjoyable).


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