Thursday, 1 March 2012

Last-Year Buy: Mary Katrantzou for Topshop top

Being a lover of all things bright and patterned and still awaiting my lottery win, there was no way I was going to miss out on Mary Katrantzou's collection for Topshop. Though it makes me a little sad to type it, I couldn't work out an occasion when I'd ever be able to wear that incredible bubble dress so I settled for a simple t-shirt instead.

It got its first outing on Monday, where I wore it to the meal to celebrate the new issue of oh comely. Issue Nine is out now and has got me writing about bees and about brownies badges amongst all the other usual fabulous contributions, including this wonderful piece of advice by Ben Javens:

After the meal, I skipped down the road to The Roundhouse to see The Drums. Excellent uplifting stuff with a touch of the surreal as they brought Boy George to do a guest slot. Perhaps I could have got away with the bubble dress after all...


  1. Ah, I thought it looked familiar (and lovely). I wanted the blouse but didn't have a spare £80 to hand.

    I love the Ben Javens illustration but sadly it is unnecessary advice for me. A Sicilian woman nodded at my hips approvingly recently and said, 'well, you wouldn't blow away in a storm'. I think it was a compliment. It didn't feel like one...

  2. I thought you would clock where it was from! It's annoying how there's often not this mountain of cash around for buying nice things. What a prettier world we could make it then.
    Ah the wisdom of mothers/grans/Sicilian women: always bound to misfire somehow!


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