Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Last-Year Buy: Dansk top and vintage skater dress

So I mentioned in my last post that I'd got a bit addicted to WIWT. It's that site I can thank for actually having pictures of my new purchases to show you (albeit all very similar pictures of me pointing my camera in the mirror with a messy bed in the background). It's also made me realise that I'm going through a complete red phase at the moment - it's my favourite colour so sometimes I have to consciously reign myself back from it to avoid looking too much like a crazy red lady/snow white. At the moment I think the balance is there, just about.

Here's what I wore to Summer Camp: a new top courtesy of Dansk, via ASOS on one of their lethal savvy sunday offers. I love the twist on animal print given by the dalmatian pattern, and the fact that it's all primed up with the collar and cuffs. The skirt is the one from Sessun that I featured back in my September issues post: its purchase got lost in the general horror that was that month.

And here's what I wore yesterday, a great new vintage dress that I bought while on my book club weekend away in Stroud. It's made from wool and covered with a flecked black and grey pattern that seems impossible to photograph properly. The bodice is pretty tight but the skirt is perfect for swirling and festive ice-skating, if that wasn't something I hadn't forbidden myself from doing due to general ineptitude. The weekend itself proved a pretty perfect escape: we stayed in a beautiful converted chapel in Slad (with a few Damien Hirsts just for, you know, decoration). Combine that with lots of tasty food, walks, book chat and a brief vintage pit stop and it made me a pretty happy lady.


  1. Yay! Go Ms you out there living life and having fun! Big hugs x

  2. Aw, thank you. I kept meaning to make a comment on your blog - you sound like you are doing really well and making some huge realisations about your life. Go Ms you too xx

  3. Cheers love, one step forward and two backward at prez, but I'm still loving and living. *hugs!*


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