Wednesday, 24 August 2011

She's got soul

Growing up in an area not known for its musical heritage, I cling to the one bit that seemed to have touched  its northern shores. Discounting a few early 90s raves, I'm talking about Northern Soul. While that explains my interest in it, I'm completely fascinated why New Zealand-born Karen Walker chose it for inspiration for her 'North' collection.

Tops, trousers, skirts and dresses all covered in Northern Soul-style emblems. 

Like on this Bow mod shirt. Thankfully the website lists everything in New Zealand prices so I'm choosing to stay in blissful ignorance about how much these things would cost me in the real world.

This shot is to show off the (very nice) pleated skirt but I'm all about the badges on the T-Shirt.

I'm in love with this brilliantly titled Go Go Dancer dress. Perfect for spinning around a dance floor in - or at least standing prettily to the side while those of a more co-ordinated persuasion do their thing... 

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