Friday, 15 April 2011

Stuff and things

Err, hello. Is there anyone still there? Yep, it's been really quiet round here. I've been using almost spare hour of the day working on the forthcoming Domestic Sluttery book.  Text deadline is next week and we're almost there, so I'm grabbing this little spot of time to breathe...

Despite a huge amount of hours spent looking at the computer screen, I've managed to cram in quite a bit of adventuring too over the last few months. The picture above was taken in beautiful Bath, which I visited at the start of March to cheer on half marathon runners (inspired by their efforts, I signed up for my second half marathon which will be in October).

The two exhibitions - Yohji Yamamoto and The Cult of Beauty - that had been my work priorities for almost a year finally opened, and their accompanying books were realised from my desk onto the world.

I also had a weekend of bizarre gigging: One Friday night saw Geno Washington (one of my highlight's of last year's Vintage at Goodwood festival) at the half moon Putney; on the following Saturday I went to a gig at West Norwood Library featuring Jens Lekman and friends (I wrote about it for oh comely here). More protesting against cuts as I marched as part of the massive March for the Alternative.

The blogging world also brought me some treats. Retro To Go were offered a tour round Terence Conran's pad, courtesy of Mydeco. That's the view from his apartment above, and from within his kitchen below.

Last Sunday, Rokit invited Domestic Sluttery and a load of bloggers to run round their Tottenham warehouse. Stuffed fill with clothes, it was every vintage lovers heaven.

They'd also laid on a beautiful tea courtesy of Vintage Patisserie, and manicurists and hair styling. I had my hair done by Belinda Hay of The Painted Lady who gave me the '50s barnet I'd always dreamed of.

While I might have fitted in on the set of A Kind of Loving or similar, my journey from Tottenham back to the CAMRA pub in Crystal Palace maybe wasn't the finest showcase for the hair. Great fun though ... and big ...

My blouse is from the fabulous Vintage Hart, also in Crystal Palace.

That's just about up to date. I'm currently nursing a vague hangover from the opening of the V&A street art prints display at the Black Rat Gallery last night.

2011, you've been really busy so far but also really quite fun. I'm just not sure if I'll be able to keep up this pace! Time to get back to the book, I hope to be back here very soon.


  1. I love the hair! And I love Jens Lekman :) I saw him at a tiny cafe in Nottingham about 3 years ago now, it was amazing.
    Oh, and it was lovely to meet you at the doemstic sluts party :) Even if I was so drunk I was violently ill the next day.......:/ x

  2. Thanks Tamsin! Lovely to meet you too, sorry that you were unwell. I wasn't my sharpest the next day, I have to admit! x

  3. I'm so excited about having no things to do next week. It's making me giddy.


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