Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cake and Make: Ladies Marmalade

All the way back here, I mentioned in passing the concept of a 'cake and make'. The term is something I've made up with my friends - the idea is that it's a session where we spend an afternoon swapping some form of crafty skills and scoffing cake. We'd previously 'done' crochet and inspired by Miss Cay's piece and, aided by a W.I. book on pickles and preserves, last Sunday's Cake and Make was based around making marmalade.

With Seville oranges out of season, we used a grapefruit recipe, so lovely and colourful on a grey February day. We scooped, we sliced, we boiled.

But most of all we sat and chatted. Over a pesto loaf with goat's cheese followed by orange cake and countless cups of Darjeeling, we chatted about things like our jobs, the 90s, foreign adventures and boys who hadn't been in touch. The time slipped by until we realised it was time for some more frantic sterilising, bottling, sealing and labelling.

Here they are, the proud products of our labours - 3 jars each, all ready for the sampling.

At the moment my jars are sitting in my fridge, their beautiful colours livening up the usual vista of mushrooms, butter and ketchup that usually greets me as I open its door. I'm saving their opening for a still to be announced special occasion, or at least a school day when I most need a little spread of sunshine.

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