Monday, 14 February 2011

Treasure Dress

I discovered UK based vintage site Treasure Dress this week through a post by Sally Jane Vintage, giving me a new online source of clothing lust. The site was originally a bridal site and the prices seem to reflect that (it's divided into under £200, £350 and £500 categories). It's definitely a site to be bookmarked for those special occasions in your life.

My favourite thing on the site has to be this 1940s tea dress. You'd need to sort out some pretty pretty undergarments (M&S slips may not work in this case) but it would be worth it for that lace collar and the perspex flower buttons. It also looks like it's so delicate that I would never dare wear it out in public. If this were mine, I'd probably hang it on my bedroom door and just stroke it from time to time. Luckily I don't have the necessary £180 to hand, so hopefully it will be snapped up by someone who would actually take it out and show it a good time, once in a while.

Much more wearable is this 1950s Diana dress. Weddings, christenings, garden parties. This would do them all perfectly - and you'd have space in the dress to actually enjoy yourself at all of them. Not my size but, at £65, it's a pretty good and timeless buy.

If it didn't look so teeny-tiny, even on the teeny-tiny model, this chiffon 1960s Harvey Nichols shift dress could probably pass for a contemporary design. I don't think this would work with my bosom, nor with my paranoia about my arms, but I know a girl this would look perfect on. I'm not generous enough to spend the £85 on her so I'm sending her the link in the hope it'll pop up on her Facebook profile in a few months time, and I can feel proud on her behalf.

For more vintage inspiration, take a look at the Treasure Dress Look Book. It's very pretty though it's making me very anxious about what might happen to my the tea dress. Watch out for those pointy branches!

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