Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New Kid on the block

I've been in desperate need of new shoes. Although I am always enticed by heels, I always end up wearing my flats which are much more suitable the hills of South East London. Because I walk a lot and in what isn't a very graceful manner, the heels of my shoes always get worn down ridiculously quickly. I've had to take stock this wet winter as I realised (converse excluded) that I only owned one pair of shoes without holes in them. The shame - not to mention the damp.

Now, you'll have realised by now that generally I'm not all about the new. However, good vintage shoes are hard to come by, generally have heels, and I'll probably wreck them quickly (see above). The shoes in the shops have equally been pretty uninspiring - wedge boots are a no-no, I'm never going to be seen in loafers and I've been put off by the ubiquity of brogues.

On a recent scurry around Harvey Nicks (see previous post), I saw that Poste Mistress was selling not one but two new brands of shoes that I liked. The post-scurry, internet flurry that followed resulted in two rather charming - and reduced in price - pairs from Kat Maconie. They're yet to be delivered so I'll report back. The shoes that stole my heart however are these babies from a company called New Kid. That tapestry, that T-bar, that buckle - my inner 70s librarian is calling out for them. At £115, they're shoes for a rainy day (Actually, I'm not sure how well they'd cope with a rainy day) but they're fuelling some folk fashion fantasies.

To console my inner 70s librarian, I ended up buying a cute flippy skirt on Sunday from Vien instead. Come the Christmas sales though and I'll definitely be trying to pick on the new kid.

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