Monday, 8 November 2010

Last-Month's move

October skipped by in a blur ... of festivals, of holidays and of moving.

Yes, after six and a half years I've said toot toot to Tooting and decided to get pally with the Palace. Crystal Palace that is. And although my legs seem to be constantly aching from all those hills, I'm very happy with the move, especially on beautiful autumn days like today when everything, from the trees in the park to the skyline view from the end of my road, seems to combine into a perfect movie moment.

And of course a move allows me the opportunity to rearrange and this one has given me the space to spread out and unpack. Though the flat remains a little too flatpack for my liking, I thought I'd share some of my favourite Last-Year objects with you.

The Babycham glasses have been given a place in what I affectionately call my 'granny cabinet'.

As have some of my favourite teacups.

The slightly sinister bunny rabbit peaks out from between some of my many books, now time-consumingly arranged by colour.

The cushion on the right came from my grandmother's house while I made the cushion cover on the left, out of some fabric I got off ebay. It's since been used for the cover of the Style Me Vintage book but I've no idea about the designer or anything. Does anyone know? Let me know if so.

And finally a Buddha to add a bit of wisdom to the flat. It's a bit of a curious object - lift him up and there's a radio underneath. It no longer works but I'm quite fond of him.

I'm looking forward to spending lots more time in the flat and letting my little collection grow. Luckily Crystal Palace is packed with vintage shops to inspire/tempt me - I'm excited!

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