Thursday, 18 November 2010

I think I smell a rat

How smug I was when I wrote about Last-month's move. Alas, my contended air was not to last long as this last week has brought us a new visitor. As you might have guessed from The White Stripes song above, our little home has been taken over by a rat!

I was in the house last week, waiting for the landlord to look at a nasty bit of damp we seem to have in the bedroom. I heard some serious banging coming from our kitchen - I walked in to see a huge black thing bolt up the side of our wall from the work surface to the boiler. Urgh. Needless to say my horror and resultant unpleasantness has been huge. We're now fully laden with bait and striped of any food but the creature seems to refuse to die. It's an especially devious beast too. The other Sunday we were enjoying a crumpet and coffee in the other room. On returning to the kitchen a mere 20 minutes later we found the packet ripped open and on the floor, with the other six crumpets completely vanished out of sight! Another casualty is the lid to my Hornsea Pottery biscuit jar. In his desire to get to the digestives, old ratty has managed to both lift it off and then hide it somewhere out of sight. I'm gutted that the jar has been spoilt.

So, when I wrote about this Love in a Cold Climate print for Domestic Sluttery, it was also partly a reflection of our circumstances. Despite living in a damp flat, under siege from an unwanted visitor, me and Mr S seem to be getting on quite nicely, thanks, and I'm glad we've got each other as we suffer through. If only the rat would pack his bags and the damp go away, all would be just dandy ... watch this space ...

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